#BookReview: Secret Elites: The Corsairs of Alcibiades by Filippi & Éric Liberge

Historical Graphic Novel

The Secret Elites #1

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The scene is early nineteenth century England, in a secret and exclusive university under the auspices of the British Crown. Peter, Lydia, Mike, Curtis, and Maryline, five young people with nothing in common, have been brought together here to take part in the admissions process of this most unusual school. Why were they chosen? And to what end? None of them realize yet that they will soon leave behind their relatively calm lives for untold adventures that lie ahead of them.

I was sold on The Corsairs of Alcibiades by Éric Liberge the moment I saw the cover. I barely glanced at the description before requesting a review copy and was caught entirely off-guard by the story within.

Filippi’s narrative hits the ground running, but much like the Arthus Trivium series, the story inspires more questions than it answers. I think a solid foundational installment but admit the story didn’t offer the full satisfaction of a standalone.

That said I will note an appreciation for Filippi’s cast. Peter, Lydia, Mike, Curtis, and Maryline each fills a unique role and boasts a singular expertise. The end result is a well-rounded and balanced composite that successfully celebrates both genders without resorting to hyper-sexual stereotypes.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Obtained from: Netgalley
Read: January 12, 2019

“… you have all been chosen to participate in a selection process which, if you have the skills will grant you admission to a new university where the elite of English society are to be educated. Each of you represents the best of your ‘specialty’ but placed are limited… you well be tests to determined who is worthy.”