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Hey! I'm Erin. Erin Davies and I am the book addict behind Historical Fiction Reader.

I read somewhere near a hundred and thirty titles every year and no, I'm not interested in any sort of intervention or recovery program. I appreciate the offer, but fictional time travel suits me rather well.

I've been an avid reader for as long and will read just about anything with a historical twist to it. Traditional historical fiction, multi-period epics, family sagas, historical romance, western, historical mysteries, time-travel, alternate history, historical fantasy, religious historicals, historical erotica, steampunk... if you can make a case for some sort of historical subject matter, I'm in.

I began reviewing 2011 and contrary to popular belief, I don't get paid for this gig. I'd love to be paid to read (who wouldn't?), but this is and has always been a hobby. A hobby that falls somewhere behind my kids, husband, job, cats, and the brewing of coffee.

I love to chat books so feel free to engage me on any of my pages.

Happy Reading! 

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  1. Hi, Erin. I see from your note above you're not accepting submissions at the moment. When you do, I'd like to offer my WW2 trio of novellas about the war on the homefront: War, Spies, and Bobby Sox. And I'd love to do a Q&A. I learned all about German POW camps in the US and was surprised to find one that was only 3 miles from my house! (Suburban Chicago). Two of my 5 novels were reviewed by the National Historical Society, but I mainly write about 20th century history. WOrking on a novel set in the McCarthy years now. ALthough I was gobsmacked by Ken Folletts Pillars of the Earth. Who knew the Middle Ages could be so compelling?

  2. I am looking for historical fiction books that have some links to Jews for my Jewish book club. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you.
    Best, Lois Loplotkin@gmail.C’om